RTLS & SmartFinder


What is RTLS system?

The R eal T ime L ocations S ystems are used to identify and track the position of objects in real time , using mobile nodes (Tags) positioned on the objects themselves and fixed devices (Readers).

The communication between tags and readers allows the calculation of the position of the former and the subsequent communication to the centralized systems of the location.

RT SmartFinder (The technology)

RT-SmartFinder is based on a ZigBee ™ / IEEE 802.15.4 wireless platform and works with the classic 2.4 GHz frequency.

Some TAGs (Blind Nodes) are positioned on objects, people, and vehicles, to track their movements and know their current position in real time.

Other TAGs (Reference Nodes) are positioned in areas with known coordinates. These allow the Blind Nodes to obtain the real position and transfer it to the Company Database.

Achievable goals

  • Reduction or cancellation of asset search times
  • Real Time monitoring of movements
  • Tracking of warehouse picking missions
  • Vehicle / assets / tools usage statistics
  • Presence detection in unwanted areas


Basic Engine

Represents the localization engine and allows tags to communicate with the server and update the DB:

In particular it deals with:

  1. Communicating with Tags
  2. Consolidate information
  3. Communicate information to clients in real time via TCP messages.
  4. Manage the triggers related to alarms (inputs in unwanted areas, low batteries, other events to be analyzed) and send information to clients (PC clients, mobile phones via SMS, email)

Locator Basic

  1. This is the configuration tool that allows the following functions:
  2. Inserting areas / zones in the DB by loading scaled maps
  3. Insertion of tags, assets and people, association of tags to assets / people.
  4. Inserting alarms
  5. \

Real Time Viewer

It represents the suite of client functions that allow both the real-time visualization and the final analysis of the data accumulated through the basic engine. Standard programs / functions are issued to the user to consult these data.

Map Generator

It allows you to load bitmaps (the various company maps) and manage them by zooming while maintaining the proportions with spatial coordinates. All maps and modifications made are saved as lay-out. The lay-outs can then be loaded by the other consultation programs to be used for the necessary views.

Assets Viewer

It allows you to see the movements of the desired assets in real time. Using the filters you can select which Tags to display, choosing the single Tag, a set from the total list, a category (all people, all forklifts, all devices of a specific macro-family). It analyzes the history of the movements from date to date, with a specific time division factor and with special filters to make known all the movements made.