Data Collection


Data Collection

The automatic collection of data on the machine and their analysis is an indispensable resource for any company that produces finished or semi-finished products. Real Time Automation Srl designs and installs turnkey systems for on-board machine data collection. With our systems it will be possible to monitor the status of each machine in real time and to check the times, yield and costs of each machine, department, cost center in relation to production orders.

Working method

The analysis of the production realities represents in our opinion the most important moment in the realization of the project. For this reason, you will not be offered a closed system to which to adapt. Only through the mutual exchange of information will we be able to carry out a targeted project that combines the solidity of tested hardware and software with the flexibility of an ad hoc study of the customer's needs.

Return on investment

An investment in a Real Time data collection system represents a sure return on investment in a short time thanks to the optimization of the production processes which, through the analysis of the data we allow, can be rationalized and made less expensive.
Talk to our specialists for an ad hoc analysis and a targeted quote.




The powerful and versatile SmartMonitoring software allows an immediate view of the progress of the production departments within the company.

Generally installed on a Work Station (PC) in the production departments and on the computers of the department managers, it allows, thanks to a very effective synoptic, an immediate vision of the machines, allowing to know the reasons for the stops for each of them, its yield , the speed, the progress of the beams in office, etc ... until you get to examine, in detail, every single piece produced.

It will also be possible to trace, starting from the finished articles produced, the lots that gave rise to them, in order to trace any defects to the source.


  • Batch management of raw materials
  • Management of production orders linked to customer orders
  • Start / End of on-machine production by barcode reading
  • Automatic downtime detection
  • Automatic detection of raw material consumption linked to individual production orders
  • Sending of production and downtime to the management system
  • Real-time display of the operating status of the machines, the progress of the order, real-time consumption of the reel
  • Forecast of end-of-order and reel unloading times as a function of actual speed and yield
  • Unloading of the quantities of the final product
  • Traceability of the finished product from the batches of raw materials to the single box
  • Statistics on production and on machine and operator performance



RT TexMark 2.0

RT-TexMark is a device used for the automatic application and installation of colored adhesive stickers on the selvedge of the fabric being inspected, near the defect found. The maximum application speed is around 120 meters per minute. Normally 50x25mm stickers are supplied with different colors and strong adhesives to guarantee the seal even with silicone-coated fabrics.


RT Easy Label

RT-EasyLabel is a device used for printing and automatic application of adhesive labels on any object (fabric, rolls, boxes, metal plates, plastic material etc ...). The application group is able to apply labels to any point of the object even with a ninety degree bend. In addition to text and barcode information, the adhesive labels can also contain internal chips (transponders) using radio frequency technology (ISO 15693 - 13.56 MHz). This allows the printer to read and store data in the internal chips of the RFID labels / tags for subsequent immediate and safe identification in subsequent production processes (storage, shipping, inventory etc.).


RT LaserGate

RT-LaserGate is a device dedicated to the automatic identification of packages in transit on a handling line. Generally in the textile field, RT-LaserGate consists of a rotating door with two industrial lasers capable of covering all 360 ° and therefore reading the identification bar code of the pieces in transit. Once recognized and identified, the object is labeled and sorted to its predestined destination. In some cases, RT-LaserGate is equipped to identify the object by means of RFID radiofrequency readers or by means of optical readers capable of discriminating measures, dimensions, shapes.