Listening and applying the suggestions of our customers has been the basis of the development of our devices, which in the last decade have been successfully installed in many countries of the world.
Our philosophy, combined with the search for new solutions, the desire to make users' work easier, involves us in the creation of reliable, cutting-edge products that are easy to use for the end user.

Example of some of our products ...


RT-Porta Laser

Usually installed at the end of inspection line before packing machine, it allows to identity the barcodes applied on the rolls. After the identification the rolls can be labelled on the plastic film and sorted in the right containers.


RT-Easy Robot

The device is label applier for rolls and samples. Label can be customized by using RT-inspection Sofware, so you may have different label for each Article/Customer. It can be castomized in order to be installed inside packing machine and inspection machines lines.


RT-TexMark II

The device il label dispenser of papers and metallic tags. It is usually installed on a inspection machine and piloted by the RT-Inspection Software in order to apply the label when a defect has been inserted by the operators (or automatically when is present the OPTICUT system). It is avaible with 1,2 or 3 colours.


RT-Width Detector

It is powerful device to detect the fabric width in real time and could also work on paper, plastic film, metallic film. It usually installed on inspection machines, on finishing machines, on beams preparing machines, on Big Roll to Big Roll preparing machine/inspecting. The device only works by using optical LED/transistor avoiding mechanic parts, frictions, usury, maintenance. The width reading is without any contact with the fabric.